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Case Study: Men in Italy

    Very few studies have actually been done to explore the effects of synthetic estrogens on human beings. However, a recent study in Italy was done to explore the effects of pollution on the gender of children born. The study attempted to explain the recent decline in the proportion of male births. The study was actually largely inconclusive in its findings. According to their report, there was no difference in sex ratio in Italian areas of "higher pesticide consumption of intense industrial pollution" (Figà-Talamanca). The study did show that the sex ratio was affected slightly by living in major urban areas. The verdict was that "No significant association was found between environmental pollution and the proportion of male birth in Italy during the study period" (Figà-Talamanca).  However, even without conclusive evidence, the study only looked at one possible problem with that could be associated with these problems. Recently, dropping sperm count has been largely associated with endocrine disrupters, and while the effects on humans are not being seen yet, this does not mean they will not appear. As humans are not directly in the aquatic environments that are being affected, they will likely feel the effects as concentration in waters rise.

Information on this page from Irene Figà-Talamanca et. al study on male births in Italy

Last updated:  5/2/2006


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