Compass plant and Brown-Eyed Susan

The Macalester prairie is located immediately south of Olin-Rice. It was planted in the fall of 2004 with a mixture of native prairie seedlings and young Alum root, Prairie Smoke, Prairie Dropseed, and Nodding Onion plants placed around the border by hand. Tom Ibsen of GrassRoots Restoration, LLC in partnership with Macalester Facilities Management, did current maintenance, as well as the initial site planning, seeding, and planting.

 In future years, the gaps in the prairie will be filled in with a dense matrix of Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Prairie Brome, and Prairie Dropseed grasses. While the predominant plant is currently Black-Eyed Susans, in a few years Compass Plants, Stiff and Showy Goldenrods, Wild Hyssops, and other varieties of flowering prairie plants will overshadow them.

Invasive species such as quack grass and curly dock are being controlled organically through selective weeding and cutting and raking. In lieu of prescribed burns, the site will be cut and raked each spring to allow the soil to heat up faster and promote new growth. This maintenance will continue for several years, until the prairie root structure has matured enough to prevent invasive species.

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Last updated:  8/21/06