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Malaria: A Devastating Public Heath Concern

Malaria: Citizen Involvement                                                                                                   

"In 1982-1983, more than half of all P. falciparum cases in the United States were imported from five countries: Kenya (61 cases), Haiti (26), Tanzania (19), Nigeria (15), and Ghana (10); 167 (68%) of the 247 P. falciparum infections among U.S. travelers were acquired in Africa." [1]

Goals for Citizen involvement:

    1. Make legislative bodies aware!

    2. Raising awareness among citizens!

       3. Other ideas needed...                                                                                                    ...go out and do something!

We need to fight for increased funds, for buying up shares in pharmaceutical companies to get the drugs and sell them at reasonable prices to the people that need them. We need to build awareness, if not to promote compassion alone, but to fight a potential threat in the global community as an entity.  

Interested in battling malaria from your home? 

Donate to one of the foundations below or lobby to make a difference.

UN Foundation: providing insecticide treated bed nets and effective treatments.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: funding research and other relief organizations.

... and many others out there. Find your way to make a difference!

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