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The Role of the Citizen Scientist

            The prospect of an expanded nuclear power industry with the backing of the government is a frightful one indeed.  Because this is a continuing issue that will affect us all, the roles that citizens play will become very important.  It is important to speak out against the construction of new nuclear plants or waste storage facilities near your community and across the country.  Petitioning your representatives in the name of funding for research on renewable energy sources can be an effective means for shifting governmental policy.  If citizens work together and with a strong singular voice speak out against the nuclear power industry and all that it entails our representatives in Washington, D.C. will have to listen.  No longer should those whose lives are affected by regulatory decisions not have the strongest say, instead it is important to speak out and make sure that representatives and power companies know that their constituents and customers do not approve of any use of nuclear power.  The science has been done and nuclear power has been proven unviable so the role of the citizen scientist now is to make sure that others understand that nuclear power plants are not the solution but instead must be promptly phased out.  Dissemination of knowledge is the most important thing anyone can do for the struggle against the nuclear power industry.

    Many groups from a local level to an international one have formed over the years to combat the rise of the nuclear power industry.  Perhaps the most good that you as a citizen can do to prevent the spread of the nuclear power industry is to join the campaigns already begun by organizations dedicated to the eradication of nuclear energy as a power source.  Another important role of citizens is the continued support of alternative sources of energy to allow the country to escape from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

External Links:
Green Progress:  A compilation of news articles regarding renewable and clean energies

Sierra Club: Renewable Energy:  A great resource for exploring clean energy sources and a group with many campaigns aimed at replacing nuclear power as an energy source.
Alternative Energy News:  Another source for compiled energy and environmental news

Anti-Nuclear Websites:  A exhaustive listing of anti-nuclear activist groups from around the globe

Nuclear Waste Taskforce:  A listing of citizen groups involved in nuclear issues

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