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Rights to Research and the Stem Cell Debate

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    Stem Cell research is still a very new topic and as debate and research on the issue continues there are sure to be changes in policy. But until these changes come to pass it seems that Americans must rely on privately funded research in order to find out more about the potential of stem cells. President Bush’s restrictions on stem cell research made the science surrounding embryonic stem cells a political issue motivated by religion and ethics on one side and research rights and scientific discovery on the other. Stem cell research really took its form as a political issue in the 2004 Presidential Election when each candidate was forced to take a stand on the issue. From that point on, the issue has become one of political significance and division.

            The stem cell debate, as framed through a scientist’s right to research and the inevitable politicization of science, will continue until a major breakthrough in stem cell research is made. The rights to research question and the impasse over the embryo have made stem cell science into a socio-political category of its own. As we learn more about stem cells and whether they can actually cure all we think they can, it will be interesting to see what happens to the impasse over the embryo and whether science will separate itself from politics.


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