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Brief History of the African Geographical Review (Formerly East African Geographical Review)

The East African Geographical Review (EAGR) was founded in 1963, in the department of geography at Makerere University College (now Makerere University), in Uganda. The journal was published annually to provide a medium for publication of geographical research in form of articles, notes, and reviews.

The first editor was Dr. Brain Hoyle (formerly a reader in geography at Southampton University). Professor Brian W. Langlands took over as editor in 1964, when Dr. Hoyle returned to United Kingdom. Over the years, there have been several editors; among them are Africanists such as A.M. O'Connor (1967), L.W. Hanna (1969), R. Baker (1970), B. Langlands (1971-72), and African geographers: J. Muwonge (1973-75), Musisi Nkambwa (1976), J. Kabera (1977-79), and J. Were (1980).

During the 1980s and early 1990s, publication of the journal was interrupted by political instability in Uganda. Publication was resumed in 1997 with volume 19. The editorship had been taken over by B. BakamaNume and E. Kalipeni. After a consultation with fellow geographers, it was decided that the journal should represent the African Specialty Group (ASG) of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). The two editors handed over the journal to the ASG at Pittsburg meeting of the AAG in 2000. The journal was renamed the African Geographical Review (AGR) at this time.

Bakama BakamaNume
Associate Professor of Geography
Prairie View A&M University
Prairie View, Texas

A tribute to the founder of the East African Geographical Review