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Growth Rates and Body Size Evolution

Body size is among the most recognizable characteristics of vertebrates – from the modern hummingbird to the giant sauropods. The microscopic organization of modern and fossil bones yields important data for understanding the how body size evolves, how body size is related to growth rates, and how the challenges of life at extraordinary sizes (both large and small) and in interesting environments are accommodated by the vertebrate skeleton. Key aspects of my research center upon quantifying the rates at which bones grow, and relating those bone growth rates to the growth trajectory of the entire body. Questions include:
  • How does bone microstructure relate to organismal scale growth rates?
  • How fast did dinosaurs grow?
  • How do growth rates compare among extant and extinct vertebrates?
  • Can we use bone microstructure to help quantify whole-body growth rates?
  • How are variations in growth trajectory related to other aspects of paleobiology (like reproductive biology)?

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