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Curricular Materials


Document on "Learning to Learn" (MSWord and PDF formats)

Presentation on Creating Significant Learning Experiences: Frameworks for Classroom Technology Use (2008 NITLE Summit, San Francisco)

Presentation on Intentional Learners at 2007 Innovations Conference (PowerPoint format)

Presentation at First-Year Seminar Workshop on Learning to Learn document (PowerPoint format)

Presentation on Using Moodle to Facilitate Learning (PowerPoint format)

Knowledge Surveys Manuscript by Wirth and Perkins (PDF format) presented at the Innovations in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the Liberal Arts at St. Olaf College (2005)
M&M® Magma Chamber

Text from 2003 Teaching Petrology Workshop in MS Word® format (version for Petro)

Handout for students in Excel® format (version for Petrology class)

Spreadsheet with completed calculations in Excel® format (version for Petro)

Handout for students in MS Word® format (version for Intro class)

Spreadsheet Table and Graphs in Excel® format (version for Intro)

M&M® Phase Diagram Animations

Anorthite-Diopside Animation (Microsoft Powerpoint® format)
Forsterite-Fayalite Animation (Microsoft Powerpoint® format)

Problem-Based Learning Activities

Trouble in Paradise - A project to promote understanding and integrate concepts on mineral composition, volcanic processes, tectonics, and volcanic hazards (Intro)
Geology of Extrasolar Planet DEGC150 - Students use rock specimens and spectra to infer the origin and evolution of an extrasolar planet.
Iraq Project - Understanding the geography, geology and resources of Iraq (Intro)
Not in My Backyard - Finding a suitable site for a new landfill in Pine Co. (Intro)
Sonju Project - a semester-long project in the Petrology course