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General Geology


Local forecast from the NOAA Office in the Twin Cities
Local forecast from the Weather Channel
Local forecast from the Wunderground
US Satellite Visible

US Satellite IR

North Central US Satellite Visible
North Central US Current Conditions
Upper Midwest Radar
Caribbean Region Satellite IR

Current Events

Links to Earth Today and Geology in the News at Houghton Mifflin
The latest Earth Science Events at EarthWeek
USGS National Earthquake Information Center
Michigan TechnologicalUniversity's Volcanoes Page
Volcano World at University of North Dakota
Earthcast at University of Maryland
Earth in Near Real Time from the Smithsonian Institute
Satellite Images from NASA's Earth Observatory
Images of Current Earth Science Events at NOAA


Relief Maps of the US
Global and Oceanographic Topography from NOAA-NGDC
Color Landform Atlas of the US
Maps and Photos from TerraServer
Generate your own map using Cornell University's Interactive Map
Digital Elevation Maps of the Globe


Earthscience Links from Central Michigan University

Planetary Geology

Solar System

Views of the Solar System by Calvin Hamilton
Planetary Photojournal from NASA


Mars Orbital Camera Images from Malin Space Science Systems
Images and Info from the Mars Global Survey Mission


Astronomy Picture of the Day
Latest Images from the Hubble Space Telescope

Extrasolar Planets

The latest on the search for Extrasolar Planets


Mineral Databases

WebMineral - an excellent resource for everything about minerals
Athena Mineralogy - comprehensive searchable database of mineral info
Mineral Structures Data Base - 3D models of mineral structures
Mindat.org - a large collection of images and a searchable database

Chemical Databases

Web Elements - a periodic table with lots of useful data
Visual Elements Periodic Table - 3D visualizations of the periodic table
Atomic Radii Tables
Isotope Explorer - information about isotopes

Mineral Photo Galleries

Amethyst Galleries - a collection of photographs of minerals
North Carolina Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - photo galleries


Mineral Spectroscopy - spectra and information about color of minerals
USGS Digital Spectral Library
Minerals Under the Microscope from University of Bristol
Links to Mineralogy Courses at the University of Minnesota - Duluth
Todd Dunn's Mineralogy Course and HTML Mineral Calculators



Minnesota Geological Survey
Map of Bedrock Geology of Minnesota
Map of Quaternary Geology of Minnesota
Maps of Aeromag and Gravity of Minnesota
Map of Combined Aeromag and Gravity of Minnesota
Minnesota DNR - Division of Land and Minerals


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (PCA)

Global Change


Information from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
News and Events at Greenhouse Gas Online



Problem-Based Learning at theUniversity of Deleware's ITUE

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