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Project Description

    Sand tilefish (Malacanthus plumieri) inhabit shallow-water environments and build mounds of rubble over their burrows to protect against predators and erosion by high-energy waves.  Previous studies have examined the behavior and ecology of shallow-water tilefish, but relatively little is known about the sedimentology of the mounds or the impacts of tilefish on the sedimentary processes.  Although tilefish have been around since the early Tertiary, their mounds are not well recognized in the geological record.  In Cozumel, most tilefish mounds are constructed of rhodoliths and fragments of coral and mollusk shells.  Preliminary investigations suggest that mound size decreases with water depth and that fragment size within mounds also decreases with increasing water depth.  A primary objective of this project is to characterize the sedimentary aspects of tilefish mounds and to understand how these relate to environmental conditions.


Abstract of poster presented in the Carbonate Session of the GSA Meeting in Seattle
Photographs from the Field
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Photographs of tilefish and mounds
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Photographs of Cozumel marine organisms
SEM photographs (1, 2, 3, 4) of forams & spicules from Cozumel
Distribution of grain sizes in Cozumel sand
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