Successful completion of at least four semesters of college-level German language or equivalent.

Application Procedure

For Spring 2014 the deadline for Macalester students is February 26, 2013.

Study Abroad Applications may be obtained online at or the International Center.

Applicants need to obtain a signature from the chair Kiarina Kordela.  Email her at to arrange for her signature.

Non-Macalester Students are welcome to apply by October 1st for the Spring 2014 program.  Interested candidates should contact the Program Director, Professor Linda Schulte-Sasse at or 651-696-6401. 

For Spring 2015 the deadline for Macalester students has not been determined as of this writing.  Students are supposed to fill out an interest form by October 2013 AND meet with a study abroad adviser. Check the International Center/Study Abroad site for specifics.


Informational Session Info sessions discussing the program are held twice a year.  All interested participants are encouraged to attend.

For more information contact Prof. Linda Schulte-Sasse, Chair, German Studies & Russian.