Part I : Berlin, Germany
Goethe Institute Berlin arranges accommodations for course participants. Students usually rent single rooms in private households, and typically share bathroom and kitchen with the host. Arrangements vary greatly, from a typical homestay to living in an independent apartment.

Example: Rebecca Solano ('09), Study Abroad 2008

"Typically you hear homestay horror stories, but for me it was the complete opposite. Envied by my fellow study abroad participants, I had a very close relationship with my Gastgeberin, and she was affectionately referred to in my group as my mother. My Gastgeberin went above and beyond what is expected of hosts, and did as much as she could to welcome me into her apartment and family. My room always had fresh flowers, and I often woke up to fresh coffee and a light breakfast before school. When possible, my Gastgeberin and I would go out to the shopping center, or grocery shopping, and many nights were spent enjoying Kaffee und Kuchen during her favorite television shows.Though you are expected to provide for yourself, my Gastgeberin insisted on making me homemade meals, and even went so far as to invite my entire 14 person group to her home for coffee and homemade cakes. As you can imagine, I was spoiled in comparison to the others in my group, and when our group moved to Vienna, I, and even my group, were saddened to leave her. That day, before we parted we enjoyed our last date inside the Fernsehturm and she not only gave me a few parting gifts, but provided the group with plenty of snacks for our overnight train to Austria. She accompanied me to the train station and hugged each person in our group goodbye, while wishing us good luck and well-being. I still keep in touch with my Gastgeberin and I'm appreciative for the experiences we had together when I lived in Berlin. Perhaps someday I'll be able to make a trip back to Berlin to visit or at least take her up on her offer to meet her and her family in her native Syria."

Part II: Vienna, Austria

Students live in University of Vienna dormitory rooms, usually in a double room