Honors Projects

You can read our student's honors projects in Digital Commons.


Brittany Landorf '14 (Eau Claire, Wis.), "Female Reverberations Online: An Analysis of Tunisian, Egyptian, and Moroccan Female Cyberactivism During the Arab Spring Revolution"


  • Aimee Mackie '13 (Mosinee, Wis.), "Violence through Bureaucratic Secrecy: the US and Belgium's Co-Colonization of the Congo"
  • Dragana Marinkovic '13 (Pale, Bosnia-Herzegovina), "Making Connections: Transitional Justice and Development -- Examining Land Distribution and Property Rights through Transitional Justice Lens"
  • Hana Masri '13 (Verona, N.J.), "Submission and Silence: Rape Trees and the Greater (Lack Of) Discourse on Violence Against Migrant Women"



  • Airiin Lehtmets ’11 (Tallinn, Estonia), “Can a Russian Be an Estonian Too? Citizen and State in Post-Soviet Estonia”
  • Maxwell Loos ’11 (Milwaukee, Wis.), "Ground Zero: Tourism, Terrorism and Global Imagination”