Hannah Rivenburg, Undue Burden: A Feminist Analysis of the Discursive and Material Realities of Breast Cancer and Obesity in the United States.
Clay Steinman, advisor

Ross Shields, The Biopolitical Unconscious: Not-All Persons Are Political
Clay Steinman, advisor


Sophie Smith, 'Because I Could Not Stop For Death': The Biopolitics of Mortality in America
Kiarina Kordela, advisor


Tamara Olson, Popular Representations of Jewish Identity on Primetime Television: The Case of the O.C.
Leola Johnson, advisor


Amelia MacRae, Guatemalan Media: From Civil War to Global Context
Michael Griffin, advisor

Laura McLam, Film Festivals and Alternative Distribution in the United States
Clay Steinman, advisor

Angela Espinoza, Writing Subjects: Narratives of Discontinuity in Douglass, Poe, Kafka, Lacan and Canetti
David Martyn, advisor


Karl Dahlquist, Critique of Pure Internet: Immorality and Perversion
Kiarina Kordela, advisor


Ben Davis, The Game of the Scene: Philosophy, Fiction and the Theory of Wreading
Kiarina Kordela, advisor

John Pearson, Selling the Crisis: The New Hegemony of Patriotism and Consumption
Kiarina Kordela, advisor