Daniel Flath

Visiting Professor
Group representations, algebra

Website: http://danflath.com/

Professor Flath is interested in all aspects of group representations, continuous and discrete. He teaches a wide variety of courses, ranging from real and complex analysis and differential equations to differential geometry and linear algebra. He has been an active coauthor of an innovative calculus text for 20 years. He works with summer teams of undergraduates tackling challenging research questions in applied math. After more than 30 years on the job, Flath continues to learn from his students how to be a better teacher.  In his spare time he loves to read novels in English and Spanish and enjoy his family.

 BS: Electrical Engineering: Southern Methodist University, 1972

MS: Electrical Engineering: Southern Methodist University, 1972

MA: Mathematics: Harvard University, 1974

PhD: Mathematics: Harvard University, 1977