If you are an U.S. citizen and plan to major in Computer Science (CS) or minor in CS and major in another scientific field, there is a new scholarship opportunity that may interest you.

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How to apply:

Applications are considered on a rolling basis; you may apply at any time. Complete the application form below and e-mail to either Susan Fox or Libby Shoop.
Mac IT Scholars Application Form

Once you are awarded a scholarship you do not need to re-apply.

This round of applications is for new applicants only.

Fill it out, and return it by emailing it to Libby Shoop, shoop@macalester.edu.

If you are selected to receive the scholarship, you will be notified. If you accept the scholarship, then your account with financial aid will be reimbursed to reflect the amount you are awarded. This reimbursement can be in the form of refunded payments or cancelled loans. The awards will vary between $1900.00 and $5000.00 annually, depending on the number of applicants and commensurate with financial need.

Some important restrictions

Because this program is sponsored by a US government organization, the National Science Foundation, and we trying to generate interest in Computer Science, we have some restrictions. The Eligibility Requirements are:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen.
  • You must have declared a Computer Science major or minor, OR in the case of first-year students or sophomores, demonstrate your interest by completing a CS course or writing of your intentions in the accompanying application form.
  • You must have demonstrated financial need (in almost all cases, this scholarship will cover the work-study portion of your financial aid package, giving you time to participate in the Mac IT Scholars Program activities).

For more information, contact:

Professor Libby Shoop,

Professor Susan Fox, f

Computer Science Activities for Mac IT Scholars and Friends

As part of the Mac IT Scholars program, we will be offering several activities for students interested in computer science. These will include:


Over time, we have been developing presentations to give to elementary, middle school, or high school students. You will design these presentations to be interactive and get the kids excited about the possibilities that abound in computer science-related careers, and also what fun computer science can be.


Under this program, students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship and those who do will participate in a CS Internship experience discussion, where students and their supervisors from industry or non-profit organizations will share their experiences with new students who have not yet had an internship experience, so they know what to expect.

Research Experiences

We will have CS research opportunities available for the Mac IT Scholars. Some will be on campus, and others will be arranged at other locations.

Career Panels

We will conduct Panel Discussions with Mac Alums and other people from local industry who will provide insight on working in industry.

Peer Tutoring

For those students interested in teaching as a career, we will offer special preceptorships in which you get deeply involved in the activities of the course and actively help students in and out of the classroom.

Useful and Interesting Links

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