Asra Nizami at STSI
  • Studying physics abroad 
    Physics students often take advantage of opportunities to study abroad on programs that enrich their lives and advance their study of physics.
  • Student research at Macalester
    Students work alongside faculty in the department, pursuing state-of-the-art research in astrophysics, solid state physics, computational physics, theoretical particle physics, and plasma processing of materials.
  • Student employment 
    The Physics and Astronomy department offers a number of student employment jobs including tutors, graders, and lab assistants.
  • Physics internships  
    Macalester's location in the Twin Cities provides many opportunities for internships both during the semester and during the summer.  Students also complete internships at companies around the country over the summer. Find jobs and internships related to physics and astronomy on Macalester's MC2 database.
  • Additional resources
    Check out additional resources on physics and astronomy journals, graduate school, and jobs and internships.