Lynda LaBounty

Associate Professor

Lynda LaBounty's graduate specialization was in the experimental analysis of behavior and, before entering the college’s phased retirement program, she regularly taught both experimental and applied courses in that area. Her recent investigations applied the behavior analytic approach to research on addictive processes in collaboration with colleagues and students at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College. Recent courses include: addiction, behavior modification, sex and evolution, and learning and behavior.

  • BA: Eastern Washington State College
  • MS: Eastern Washington State College
  • PhD: University of California, San Diego

Selected publications

Hampstead, B.M., LaBounty, L., & Hurd, C. (2003). Multiple exposure to activity anorexia in rats: effects on eating, weight loss, and wheel running. Behavioural Processes, 61, 159-166.

LaBounty, L., Lynch, W.J., & Carroll, M.E. (1998). Ethanol consumption in rats when dose size is under subject control. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology,6 (4), 347-352.

Lynch, W.J., LaBounty, L., & Carroll, M.E. (1998). A novel paradigm to investigate regulation of drug intake in rats self-administering IV cocaine or heroin.Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmocology,6 (1), 22-31.

Gahtan, E., LaBounty, L., Wyvell, C., & Carroll, M.E. (1996). The relationships among saccharin consumption, oral ethanol, and IV cocaine self-administration.Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 54, (2) 919-925.

LaBounty, L., Hatsukami, D., Morgan, S. & Nelson, L. (1992). Relapse among alcoholics with phobic and panic symptoms. Addictive Behaviors, 17, 9-15