E-Prime Templates

Examples of E-prime Studies

To make E-prime programing easier, look through the following studies to see if any of them resemble your own. You can then model your E-prime file and .txt (or stimuli lists) after the example files provided. Make sure that you save all .txt files in the same folder as your .es E-prime file otherwise the program will not run properly. Most of these studies have more indepth explinations on the current studies page, should you desire more information.

Lexical Descision Example:

The following study containes a lexical descition practice task, a practice section/block with passages and lexical decision tasks built in, and an experimental section/block with passages and lexical decision tasks built in. If all you need is a lexical descition task you can disregard every after the 'Endlexical' Slide.

E-prime file

Practice .txt file

Data .txt file


Reading Time and Recognition Probe Study (If and Only If)

There are passages with word recognition taks as well as comprehension questions. This study starts out with a practice passage followed by the experimental passages. If you want more conditions you can add them by creating another block modeled after 'ExpProc1' in this program. Alternativly you can create multiple E-prime files by instering different .txt. files for the existing 'ExpProc1'

E-prime file

Practice .txt file

Data .txt file


Reading Time and Recognition Probe Study 2 (Time Shift)

This study is very similar to the above study. There is a practice section followed by two experimental sections.

E-prime file

Practive .txt file

Data .txt file1

Data .txt file2

Reading Time Study

This study presents four different passages one after the other and records reading times. There is a practice section build in. You can model your text files after the .txt files found bellow in Music and Reading Comprehension.

E-prime file

Music and Reading Comprehension

This study presneted music stimuli while passages and comprehension questions were read. There is a practice section and three experimental sections. This study can also be used as an example of a pure passage/reading time study- just take out the inline files telling the program to bring up music files.

E-prime file

Sample .txt file


Musical Ressonance:

This study used sound files and a word prob task. It starts off with a survey, followed by lexical decision practice, followed by a song/ prob practice, followed by two experimental conditions.

E-prime file

.txt file 1

.txt file 2


Word Sounds

This study has three parts.The first section displays two words and asks you to pick one of them. The second section shows two letter strings and asks you to pick one of them. The third section presents a poem read outloud followed by a word recognition task. Each of these three sections is proceded by a practice section. The text files are written inside this program but I provided a sample text file based on what is alread embedded in the program

E-prime file

.txt file


Developmental Prgamatics

This study presents audio files along with visual text to three different stories. Stories are persented in both random and straight order. Participatns click on a number or shape to move to the next 'page' in the passage. After participants click on the shape or number the shape or number is seen with an x through it. At various points during the passage a 'thinker guy' image/slide is presented. This study can be useful for prestneing audio and visual stimuli together.

E-prime file

Sample .txt file 1

Sample .txt file 2

Sample .txt file 3

Sample Sound file




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