Music Therapy and Pain Management: Introduction
Music Therapy and Pain Management

Chronic pain is a disordered that affects the lives of millions of people each year. Pain is the number one complaint for which people consult physicians; two out of three patients seek relief for pain (Hart, 1974, Chaplin, E., 1991). It is also the most common and frequent cause of suffering and disability that impairs quality of life. Nearly one third of Americans suffer from chronic or reoccurring pain (Gershon, 1986). An estimated of fifty million people suffered from chronic pain, which cost the nation anywhere from $100 million to $50 billion a year in medical costs, lost income, lost productivity, and compensation costs (Cook 1998).

History of Pain Studies

Forms of Pain

Pain Pathway

Emotion dimension of Pain

Anatomy of Emotion in Pain Pathway

The Emotional Pathway of Pain

The Role of Emotion in Learning and Memory

Chronic Pain Syndrome

The Body's Natural Painkillers

Conventional Pain Treatments

Manufactured Painkillers

History of Music Therapy

Music Therapy in Clinical Settings

Mechanisms by Which Music Therapy Operates



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