About the Authors

Katie Severance is a neuroscience major and psychology minor at Macalester College. She plans on graduating in the spring of 2001. Next semester she is studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. There she will be taking more neuroscience and biology classes for her major requirements. Katie is the author of the Introduction to Dopamine section as well as being the page coordinator (she made it look pretty). Katie is a water polo player for Macalester's Co-ed and Women's Club team. She also enjoys swimming, photography, collecting pez and reading. You can contact her via email at kseverance@macalester.edu.

Kathryn Miles is currently a Biology and a Neuroscience major at Macalester College. She is the author of the section on alcohol and tobacco. Kathryn plans to graduate (hopefully!!!) in May 2000. Her favorite activities include playing softball and hanging out with her friends. She is orginally from Surrey (a suburb of Vancouver), British Columbia. Kathryn lives with her parents, her sister and her cat Tuffy. She can be reached at kmiles@macalester.edu or tuffy4u@hotmail.com.

Ben Goodman is a senior at Macalester College, graduating in May 2000, with a biology major (no minors or cores). He is the author of the cocaine section of this web site. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and skinny skiing. He is from Oregon, and spent the last semester in New Zealand. He can be e-mailed at --> bgoodman@macalester.edu

Sean Waldheim is currently a senior at Macalester College, majoring in neuroscience, and planning to graduate in May 2000 with honors. He is the author of the opiate section. He is originally from Wisconsin, and really likes cheese although he does not like to discuss his personal life. Sean's e-mail address is: swaldheim@macalester.edu.

Giovanna Li Gotti is a Psychology major at Macalester College and plans on graduating in the spring of 2001. She is Italian and has studied in the US for four years now. She is an avid painter and artist, and loves reggae music. She is the author of the section on hallucinogenic drugs. You can contact her at gligotti@macalester.edu.

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