About the Authors
(Note: The students who originally created this website have now graduated. Please direct any questions or comments to Professor Eric Wiertelak, who is responsible for updating and mantaining this website.)


The authors of this site were...

Debbie Whitcomb

A college senior enrolled in the Physicians Assistant Program at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tal Winer

A junior at Macalester College majoring in psychology.

Jessie Tobin

Also a junior at Macalester College, majoring in Biology and Philosophy.

My Nguyen

A senior at Macalester College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology.

Bradia Cooper

A sophomore at Macalester College majoring in Neuroscience.

Note: Substantial updating and additional material was provided for this site by

Rachel Beise

as part of an independent project completed with Dr. Wiertelak.

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