Don't Blame Us! We are the ones responsible for all you have seen here . . ..

Lana Abboud, author, researcher and supplier of perpetual Happy Vibes. She does great things to less-than-exciting material.

Holly Moe, researcher and author supreme. How did she understand all that immunology stuff?

Erik Johnson, sleepless graphics man, researcher, and whatever else you want (for a price, of course).

Kimberly Harms, editor, coordinator, researcher, layout, and up too late too many nights.

Amber Ellison, author, researcher, and editor extraordinaire.

We've all graduated, but write Dr. Wiertelak and tell him what you think!

And THANK YOU to Nate Cook and Gabe Halloway for helping us out with all our graphics! You know we love you.

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Animation graphics by Harlan Wallach copyright 1996