Neurological Theories

So phantom limbs are really neat. But are they just some form of obsession neurosis stemming from the trauma of losing one's body part? Or is there a biological explanation for all this?

Hubel and Wiesel's Theory of The Hardwired Brain

Enough Small Talk: Here Are Some Theories

Some scientists have a neurological theory for phantom limbs that agrees with the idea of the hardwired brain.

The Hardwired Brain??? Ha! Think Again

All of the previous experiments done on cats and monkeys came up with fascinating information. But what about humans? That is the question that Ramachandran tried to answer using Q-tips.
Some scientists believe that an understanding of the neuromatrix is more important than just focusing on the somatosensory cortex.

Keep in mind that although phantom limbs are neato, people afflicted with them also experience a wee bit of pain.
Lucky for them that neuroscientists are looking for ways to spell R-E-L-I-E-F.
With all this to ponder over, why not mull it over in your mind as you relax to some entertaining case studies.

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