Alzheimer's Home Page
Alzheimer's Home Page

"I remember sledding at Highland Park Golf Course in the winter when I was a girl, you know you can play golf there in the summer, too." Mary, age 79, mused on the thought as she lived in her vivid past. That sunny winter afternoon was spent reading the Sunday paper, conversing, and watching the basketball game on TV. Mary and I were talking about winter activities and I shared a bit of information about myself. I mentioned that I liked to cross-country ski at the park she had just mentioned. With a fresh air of enthusiasm, she said, "I remember sledding at Highland Park Golf Course in the winter when I was a girl, you know you can play golf there in the summer, too." In that afternoon, I heard this statement almost ten times, each time with the same excitement in her voice as if she was telling me this for the first time. And then there were others..

Some were in their earlier stages of Alzheimer's Disease and functioning quite well, while others were non-compliant and withdrawn most of the time. And then there was Esther, who sat in her wheelchair with her head to one side, staring at something past the window. She was speaking rather fluently and with intent, but her words were beyond recognition. I talked to her, but had no idea if she understood my words. She was in her later stages of this devastating disease and needed help with virtually every aspect of living, from eating and daily hygiene, to adjusting body positions. A month later Esther had passed away.

These are some of my experiences volunteering at a group home for Alzheimer's patients. The manifestations of the symptoms were varied from person to person and the slow progression of this disease evident. I saw Alzheimer's Disease rob these people of their memories, minds, and eventually their lives...

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Welcome to the Alzheimer's Home Page. This page is the creation of four behavioral neuroscience students at Macalester College (authors). We hope to provide an introduction to the current research work being done on Alzheimer's disease. We have divided this site up into three main categories. The first section is devoted to the Pathology and Symptomology of Alzheimer's Disease.

The second section deals with the Genetic Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease.

The final section of this site deals with the Current Research and Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.

For a list of the articles, websites and books used to pull this site together see our Reference Page. Enjoy your visit.

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