Welcome to Galen Wood's, Lindsey Word's, Kathy Degenhardt's, and Hilary Mead's website. As four undergraduate students in St. Paul, Minnesota, we created this website for our Behavioral Neuroscience class at Macalester College in the Spring of 2001.  This class was/is taught by Eric Wiertelak.  We created this site with the hope of giving people insight into Autism and treatments for the disorder, with an emphasis on Opioid Excess Theory. Unfortunately, there is no definitive evidence as to what causes autism or how to treat it. Since there are a vast number of theories as to what causes autism, we limited our speculation here to the opioid excess theory. With the use of this website, we wish to give you information that will help introduce you to this complex theory, as well as give an overview of autism and treatments available.  In order to reach as many people as possible we geared our terminology and explanations towards a broad audience.  However, we are not perfect and some of the terms within this site will be hard to understand, if that is the case please make sure that you find out what you need to know.