Welcome to our site on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)! The website was created as a part of the Behavioral Neuroscience class taught by Professor Wiertelak at Macalester College. The purpose of this sight is to provide the general public with a basic understanding of DID. It is our goal to clear many of the misconceptions associated with DID, and to create a better understanding and awareness of the disorder. We hope this will be a good resource for those who wish to learn more about the disorder, as well as those who are personally affected by DID.

The website provides a detailed explanation of the disorder including symptoms, causes, case studies, brain mechanisms, and diagnosis of DID. If you encounter a term that you are unfamiliar with, please access the glossary for a further explanation.

NOTE: This website is meant to used as a resource only. If you are concerned about yourself or anyone you know, please seek help from a professional.

The above image was created by someone with DID. (Taken from http://mpdart.com/Site/Art%20Show.html)