Site Map

This section allows you to navagate to any of the pages on our site, instead of following the path we have outlined. This is best utilized by people who have some experience with synesthesia or who have visited the site before and are looking for a specific section.

Mission Statement of site
Information about why we created this site and the start of the tour.

Introduction to synesthesia
Starting information about synesthesia. This will tell you what it is and how to test for it.

Information about diagnosing synesthesia
This page further explains diagnostic procedures for synesthesia.

An explanation of how synesthesia works
An outline of the explanations for why synesthesia occurs.

Information about other synesthesias
Introductions to other forms of synesthesia.

A close look at a synesthete
A question and answer with a synesthete

Some famous synesthetes
Information about well known synesthetes

The work cited for the website

Here are some links to other resources on the internet for understanding synesthesia.

A site by a synesthete about synesthesia
An attempt to replicate perception of grapheme-color synesthesia
A test for synesthesia