Steve Derrington

Steve is from Amery, WI. After graduation from Macalester College in May 2004, he plans to get a job, cuz the bums lost the war. Future plans will include medical school, specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. If that doesn't work out, he may just bowl for a living. If you want someone to roll with, or just to chat, feel free to email him.

Amelia Goodyear

Amelia Goodyear is from Auburn, CA. She is currently enjoying the freezing temperatures in St. Paul, MN, and has been heard to say: "wow! what is all this white stuff?" After graduating from Macalester College in May of 2004, Amelia intends to move to another as yet undetermined state, preferably one without snow, where she will likely work in a health food store (a job she currently enjoys). Alternately, Amelia has considered retiring to a Spanish villa to write romance novels. She hopes that you enjoy playing with her turtles. If you want to email her, please do so.

Tony Marsh

Born and raised in the Heartland: Lincoln, NE, he spent his college career studying the brain at Macalester College. What lies next is unclear, but "its gonna be pretty damn exciting". Tony is interested in furthering his studies of the brain, philosophy, religion and other crazy ideas about the mind. He plans on finding a future that encounters all of them. It looks like he is currently in the works of deciding upon a new venue. He is always down to chat and hear what you think about this sort of exciting stuff, so email. It'd be fun.

Miguel Nieto

Miguel Nieto is a Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics major from Mexico City, Mexico. He is currently desperately trying to finish college so that he may move on to bigger and better things (he was told such things exist). For now, bigger and better means back in Mexico pursuing some business activities with his Pops. He likes to meet new people, so write him and (politely) let him know what you think of his little program.


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