Diabetic and Drug/Cancer-Induced Neuropathy

Written By: Sara Berger, Will Cohen, Evan Welo, and Krista Yank


We chose to make a website about neuropathy for two main reasons. The first is that even with all the research surrounding it, awareness of neuropathy among the general population is very low. While there are websites that explain the condition, they tend to be difficult to understand because of the use of medical jargon. With this website, we aim to provide more accessible information about neuropathy through language that is easier to understand. In addition, we aim to provide an educational service for those who may be at risk of developing neuropathy by presenting topics relating to the prevention and recognition of symptoms.

Diabetics and cancer patients are at a higher risk for developing neuropathy. In our website, we will focus on the different types of neuropathies which may be experienced by these groups.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is the deterioration of nerve cells called neurons. Click here to learn about nerves/neurons

There are several different types of neuropathies discussed in this website that are caused by diabetes or drug treatments/cancer. To begin learning about these neuropathies and how the body is affected, click either the Diabetic neuropathy or Cancer/Drug-Induced Neuropathy links below.

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