Diagnostic Tests and Treatments

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Though some neuropathies slowly diminish on their own, most require medical attention. The first steps of any treatment involve identifying the underlying neuropathy. This can prove to be difficult since there are many types of neuropathy, which may or may not occur in conjunction with one another. It is also difficult to determine the cause of a neuropathy, since there may be more than one. In any scenario, the goals in treatment include controlling symptoms, removing the cause (if possible), and helping the patient gain maximum independence and self-care ability.

Diagnostic tests are often preceded by a detailed-medical history to try to determine the cause and stage of the given neuropathy. Tests that are often used to diagnose neuropathy include but are not limited to:Foot2

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Treatment often consists of a mixture of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pain medications – we recommend you talk to your doctor for further information regarding your own neuropathy and needs.