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To determine the mentality of a serial killer, one must examine his life prior to the killing, the actual crimes themselves, and the driving motivation leading to the taking of the next victim. Everything that the serial killer does lends insight into his mind. Even a lack of physical evidence at a crime scene is a clue into the personality of the serial killer. In better understanding existing serial killers, we can hopefully prevent the making of new serial killers, as well as gain insight into the capture of serial killers on the loose.


It is for this reason that criminal profiling has become an integral part of the serial murder unit of the Federal Bureau of Invsetigation. The psychological fingerprint is nearly as damning as a DNA fingerprint. So please read through the case studies of some of the most gruesome serial killers. Note the similarities and differences in their crimes. Next try to determine if, based on the crime scene evidence, if you could accurately profile the suspect....


Ken Bianchi: "The Hillside Strangler"

Ted Bundy

Jeffrey Dahmer

Albert Desalvo: "The Boston Strangler"

John Wayne Gacy

Eddie Gein

Ed Kemper

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