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Sleep Deprivation

Mark Smith, Carmen Hurd, Jon Cracraft,
Ann Hyslop, Omar Zgheib and Doug Hoffert
Macalester College
St.Paul, MN


The average amount of sleep for a US citizen in 1910 was 9 hours.  By 1997, the average amount of sleep had dropped to 7 hours

"Functions that hamper and gifts that requite
Must by their nature in women unite.

Reckless compounding of accent with flush
Attacks like a limen, basic in hush
Attacks in the crystal, survives in the light
Recoils and assembels 'twixt mystic and trite.

New fashios go leering, old modesties blare
Icomin the springtime, their tortoise shell dare:
Over insistence, and collect what you may
Evoke pleasures of night to sustain in the day.
Northward the lust and the yearning conspire
Sweet south, how delightful sensed form to attire."


This poem was contrived by a 24 year-old male after 231 hours of sleep deprivation (interspersed with 5.25 hours of accidental sleep).  The poem was directed at two of the women who assisted in the observations of the man during the deprivation period.

An explanation of the first two lines by the composer

“The rim is composed of a woven acrostic of the two names.  The first couplet sets the general theme, that women and possession are not an unmixed blessing, that the fact that as women they must require things of men that set the men from the progressive work they as men set themselves, that moreover the women might be finer things if the racial needs that lurk in their smiles and frowns, supplenesses and awkwardnesses did not compel them, their own insight lacking, to demands of this sort.  The hampering and the functions thus are on several levels of operation, and poetry, to the proper reader conveys much of this, more besides, and epitomizes the fact in addition.” (Katz & Landis, 1935, p. 314)

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