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The World of Sight

If you had to loose a sense, what would it be?

Very few people would choose to loose their sight, correct? We definately would not want to!

Unfortunately, there are many people who have lost their sight and are permanently blind. Others have only lost part of their visual functions, like losing the ability to see in color (Colorblindness), recognize objects that they do see (agnosia), or recognizing faces (prosopagnosia).

The purpose of this informational website is to provide information regarding the different types of vision disorders, including colorblindness and achromatopsia, agnosia, and prosopagnosia. To begin, we will review the entire visual system and how it works. Next we will explain how it is developed psycologically and biologically from the fetus to early childhood. Then we will discuss the three disorders I mentioned above.

Hopefully, you will be able to answer many questions regarding the visual system, like

  • How do people loose certain parts of their sight?
  • What makes sight so important for us?
  • How does it work?"

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To begin with let's overview the visual system and how it develops:

The information regarding the different visual disorders are here:

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