Peter Burkill

Who is Peter? Peter is a fervent fan of neuroanatomy. His favorite hobby is the gentle dissection of formaldehyde-soaked sheep brains. Peter loves to explore the intricacies of the hippocampus when not engaged in slicing the tails of lab rats. Peter keeps his blond hair short and streamlined so that he can leap like a gazelle through the rushes on his way to class. Peter authored the pages on neurotoxicity.

Amelia Goodyear

Who is Amelia? She is the author of the biochemical overview pages and the cruel taskmistress who demanded all kinds of complicated gimmicks for the site. Amelia's favorite part of the brain is the optic chaism, where the two nerves cross when they come out of the eyes. Here, they experience "partial decussation", which is really important.

Patrick Hayden

Who is Pat? He has big bushy hair and a goatie. Besides that, he is the author of the pages that are labeled safety and therepeutic effects. Pat loves to write about behavioral neuroscience. His favorite part of the brain is the neocortex. Pat has been known to say that the neocortex is "phat", which is the true expression of his love for this highly important region.

Léo Walton

Who is Léo? Léo likes to play soccer. He likes the brain but does not express interest in naming a certain part as his favorite. Instead, Léo likes to remind us that each part of the brain is different and that they are all "important in their own special way". Léo describes the effects of MDMA on the brain and body in the "Effects" section of this site.

This Website was created as a class assignment for Behavioral Neuroscience at Macalester College under the wise tutelage of Professor Eric Wiertelak. The authors also kept weekly web journals throughout the semester, so if you want to read a bit about what they really think of brains, check out their journals:

Peter's journal

Amelia's journal

Pat's journal

Léo's journal

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