The After Effects of MDMA Use

There are a wide variety of reported effects after the use of MDMA. Some of the changes reported are positive but most are adverse side effects. The following list can be found in its entirety at cals/mdma/mdma _effects_hangover1.shtml by clicking on the adress.

Some Changes Reported After MDMA Use

For the first 1 to 5 days after use people report having increased focus on themselves, but more trouble focusing mentally on complex tasks.

Blurred vision fo up to one week

Trouble focusing on trivial tasks for up to six weeks

Balance and diziness problems up to 4 weeks after use

Mild deperession for one day to two weeks

*This is not a list of symptoms or common effects of MDMA, this list was compiled from subjective reports by MDMA users who experienced after effects from the drug, and these effects are not to be considered common.

The long term damage caused by MDMA use is still unknown, but the emotional intensity of the drug's effects seem to have a after effects, some of which may be long lasting. Click here to investigate the Long Term Effects of MDMA further.



Common Aftereffects

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