Dental Problems

MDMA can cause dental problems. Users frequently have jaw-clenching and soreness. Increased wear of the molars and premolars can be caused by jaw-clenching. Often users chew sugar-containing gum to overcome the effects on their jaw. Also, MDMA causes dehydration. Many times users take soft drinks, thinking their sugar content will enhance the effects of MDMA. Soft drinks often have a low pH which, with their sugar content, much like the gum, could increase enamel erosion and tooth decay rates. Since MDMA is normally used at overnight gatherings and users will stay awake for long periods of time, dental care is often neglected. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants are regularly prescribed to treat facial pains. Unfortunately, mixing these substances with MDMA can cause fatal adverse drug interactions.


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Dental Problems




Psychological Problems

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