This is a very controversial topic because of the conflicting theories which scientists believe to be true. The research states that a single dose DOES have the capacity to harm individuals but the majority of people, and experimental animals, which injest a single dose of MDMA do not experience long term averse effects. A “single” dose of MDMA is what scientists find to be a very difficult concept to define. In some animal studies it has been defined as 12.5 mg/kg (O'Shea 1998) and in others it is defined by as little as 4 mg/kg (Mechan 2002). These two numbers differ by about 8 mg/kg which is a pretty large when dealing with drugs that can produce effects in such small quantities. Clearly there is no agreement over what defines a "dose" but the two key factors that seem to play the biggest role are the frequency of use and quantity taken.

        The section about the effects of a single dose will cover what can happen with the ingestion of a single dose in varying quantities. The section on multiple doses will cover the debate about the effects that stem from the long term use of one or more doses over and extended period of time.

The effects of a single dose

The effects of a multiple doses




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