Links to More MDMA Sites

This site has alot of alternative information about Ecstasy. It is a great site for someone that wants the more liberal side of the information about Ecstasy.
If you want to know the good things about Ecstasy, this is the place. It's content is pro-Ecstasy, just like the name.

The Vaults of Erowid
This site contains a thorough review of numerous drugs, presenting the facts with little bias in either direction. If you have a question concerning drugs, come to this site first.

DEA Site About Ecstasy
This site is published by the DEA in order to inform the public of the harm that can be caused by Ecstasy. Although the information on this site may seem biased, it is based on real studies and does not reach unfounded conclusions.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
This site gives an overview of what club drugs are and why they are made illegal. It contains a table that shows why a drug is classified and Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V that I find very helpful in uderstanding the rating system. Go to the legislation section.

Heffter Research Institute
The Heffter Research Institute does research in psychedelics. This site provided with the cool 3D molecular representations of MDMA and serotonin. will link you to all kinds of cool places with information about ecstasy. The structural models of serotonin and dopamine came from this site.

Ecstasy in Therapy
This page provides a nice overview of the history of ecstasy's therapeutic uses.

These are various articles about the evolution of MDMA's legal status.




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