Protecting and Preventing: MDMA Safety

There are many safety issues involved in the taking of MDMA. The drug has very strong physiological effects as well as psychological effects. Due to the extreme changes in emotions and perceptions when under the influence of MDMA there is a need to pay extra careful attention to your surroundings, and always be aware of behavioral safety concerns. You must realize that some of the feelings you experience are not genuine because the drug is altering aspects of your behavior and perception. MDMA has a reputation of being something of a "love drug", and studies have found that MDMA does lead to increased receptivity to sexual behavior.

Experts suggest that if you it is possible that you will be engaging in sexual activities during your "trip" you should prepare safe sex materials beforehand and put them in a place where you will see them. The emotional changes brought on by MDMA make users much less likely to question the quality of a judgment regarding sex. Sex is not the only area in which MDMA users tend to make poor decisions, and it is up to the user to monitor their own internal thoughts and prevent problems. To prevent most behavioral safety concerns associated with normal MDMA use takes education and the proper mind set to endure the experience without falling victim to the impaired decision making abilities. The physiological dangers of MDMA are more easily prevented, and recognized.

Protecting Yourself From Physical Harm


Emotional Effects Of MDMA


Being Prepared For "Coming Down"

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