PTSD and Terminally Ill Cancer patients

Some researchers feel there is potential for use and abuse of MDMA in the therapeutic setting. It has been hypothesized that MDMA could be used in the treatment of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and terminally ill cancer patients. The potential benefits of MDMA when used with therapy, would not be restricted to these conditions. The increased inner thought that tends to accompany MDMA would help with disorders such as PTSD that require sufferers to look within to overcome problems with their past. By lowering internal defenses many MDMA users claim they are able to have inner thoughts they have never had before.

The feelings of tranquility and peace that many users report would certainly help many terminally ill cancer patients if MDMA was ever proven to be a safe addition to psychotherapy. The desperate feelings that many terminally ill patients feel are as debilitating as their illness. MDMA could have a positive effect for terminally ill patients, if used correctly.

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