The Therapeutic Use Of MDMA

MDMA is a relatively new drug, that we know little about. Though we have done much research on rats to see the effects on the brain less is known about the psychological effects, and therapeutic benefits of MDMA for humans. The lack of research leads to many conflicting views on the drugs harmful and beneficial effects. MDMA was not popular until quite recently and when it did become popular it was made illegal. Much of what is known about MDMA's psychological effects is information from users, and therefore must be examined carefully. When MDMA was first synthesized accidentally in the beginning of the 20th century, scientists saw no possible therapeutic uses for the drug. It was not until the 1970's that those in the psychedelic therapy community noticed the substances potential use. Though the field of psychedelic therapy was already established MDMA had never been used in such a manner.

And From the German Lab In 1913 MDMA evolved into one of the most popular recreational drugs ever.

There are many researchers on both sides of the debate regarding MDMA's usefulness in psychotherapy. Some researchers have remarked on the ability of the drug to help PTSD and terminal cancer sufferers. There are many things to consider before MDMA could ever be widely used by therapists, but the FDA has approved testing for the benefits of MDMA in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to the intense effects of MDMA certain steps must be taken to ensure effective therapy.

Though there is not enough evidence to make many conclusions about MDMA's potential therapeutic use its does appear to have many beneficial therapeutic effects, but do they outweigh the dangers? MDMA has been shown to have some effect in treating pain, and the power to increase and decrease anxiety in rats, depending upon the size of the dose. MDMA has such satisfying effects that many desire to continue to stay under the influence when they begin to "come down". When they are not under the influence of MDMA users tend to have higher levels of anxiety and depression then non-drug using controls. It is believed that heavy use of MDMA causes severe depression by depleting serotonin, but are there continuing psychological benefits? This question is being argued in websites and academic journals across the country. To truly understand this drug you should start with the basics, the effects on your body, mind and work your way through the website. If you are looking for the complex stuff

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