Jessica Ramirez Vasquez '14 (Portland, Ore.), Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Marni Schreiber '14 (Pittsburgh, Pa.) is pursuing a master of arts in religious studies at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales.

Abbie Shain '14 (Bordentown, N.J.) Macalester College Alumni Office.

Max Edwards '13 (Rochester, Minn.) is working on his master's degree at Harvard Divinity School.

Hannah McIntire '13 (Milford, Conn.) is a family literacy instructor at Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island and Graduate Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ashley Campbell, ’12 (Waterford, Mich.) American University School of Communication and Washington Post, Religion Beat

Martha Coe ’11 (Grand Haven, Mich.), Analyst in Health Financing and Governance at ThinkWell Global

Laura Leatherman ’11 (Minneapolis, Minn.), Nurse Practitioner

Dan Rocklin ’11 (Iowa City, Iowa), University of Chicago Divinity School, Marketing Specialist at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 

Sher Afgan Tareen ’11 (Arlington, Va.), Graduate Teaching Assistant at Florida State University

Sara Schultz ’09 (Albany, Calif.), Bilingual Legal Assistant

Aurora Sekine ’09 (Kansas City, Mo.), Math teacher at Everett Middle School

Kim Wortmann ’08 (Lincoln, Neb.), Ph.D. Program at Harvard University

Sonia Hazard ’08 (St. Paul, Minn.), PhD program at Duke University

Emma Gallegos ’07 (Bakersfield, Calif.), Editor-in-chief at LAist.

Ashley Geisendorfer ’07 (Rothschild, Wis.), Associate attorney with Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney

Mashal Saif ’06 (Lahore, Pakistan),  PhD program at Duke University

Sherali Tareen ’05 (Quetta, Pakistan), Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Lydia Brawner ’02 (Auburn, Ala.), Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University

Jessica Schachterle ’02 (Cedar Falls, Iowa), Minnesota Literacy Council

Katherine Brink ’99 (St. Paul, Minn.), United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities 

Anne Knafl ’99 (Chicago, IL) Bibliographer for Religion and Philosophy at the University of Chicago Library

William Garriott ’99 (Danville, Ky.), Assistant Professor in Law, Politics, and Society at Drake University

Paul Jarvis ’96 (St. Paul, Minn.), pastor at Christ the King Parish 

Rebekah Savage Montgomery ’96 (Bethesda, Md.), Army National Guard chaplain

David Colby ’93 (St. Paul, Minn.), pastor at Central Presbyterian Church

Ananda Abeysekara ’92 (Colombo, Sri Lanka), professor at Virginia Tech, has published The Politics of Postsecular Religion and an award-winning book on Sri Lankan Buddhism titled Colors of the Robe.

Kathryn Youel ’92 (Richfield, Minn.), winner of the Gateway Writing Prize, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, studied law at the University of Michigan, and is now a lawyer for the U.S. Department of State.