Linguistics lab

Living in Russian House is a terrific way to improve your spoken Russian and to prepare for a semester in Russia. Students are eligble to apply to live in Russian House starting in their sophomore year.

At Macalester's Russian House, all are invited to come visit, relax, and chat with fellow students. Russian House sponsors a variety of dinners, films, cultural events, and student performances, all with the goal of helping fellow students better understand Russian culture and society.

Meet our Native Speaker

Valeria Skvortsova

Linguistics lab

One recent project, which came together beautifully under Professor Gitta Hammarberg’s supervision, exemplifies the value of foreign language study in terms of terms of tangible service to the community. In this project, advanced Russian students at Macalester teamed up to translate a World War II memoir (titled "War Did Not Break Them") that was collectively authored by Russian veterans living in the Twin Cities. The students produced a bilingual edition of the text as a result. This work was invaluable for the students in terms of improving their command of Russian as well as in getting hands-on experience with cross-cultural communication; it was deeply meaningful for the authors, whose experiences were preserved and made accessible to many more readers than they would have been before, as well as a unique testimony that constitutes a genuine contribution to the historical record.