RATIONS: A new performance about food and eating is a performance assemblage of many interrelated histories. It juxtaposes original writing about a range of local topics – table-settings, family foods, cooking, eating disorders – with global concerns and statistics about food production, labor conditions, and war rations. Its materials are poems, assembly-line images, research into tallgrass prairie restoration, breadbaking. The piece is concerned with the human as well as the non-human, asserting that we are always assemblages of both, as we take in and digest the material world.

RATIONS will be performed in site-specific locations around the campus and in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center on the Mainstage Theatre.

Site specific performances will begin at 6:30 p.m. and move to the Mainstage at 7:30 on April 12, 13, 18, and 19, and begin at 1 and move to the Mainstage at 2:00 on April 14. Performances will repeat every 10 minutes.

The Bon Appetit Performance Ensemble will be performing on Bateman Plaza. Rain location is the second floor of the Campus Center.

Vegetable Love will be performing on the plaza outside DeWitt Wallace Library. Rain location is the basement of Old Main

Minnesota Prairie Meet Hebei Desert will be performing at the prairie site behind Olin Rice. Rain location is Smail Gallery, first floor of Olin Rice.

The Rising will be performing at the Noguchi Sculpture area. Rain location is the Dance Studio in the lower level of the Theatre and Dance building.

Pillars will be performing in the space between the Theatre and Dance and the Music building. Rain Location is the Black Box in the lower level of the Theatre and Dance building.

Download a Rations Menu for a map of performance locations, or pick one up in the Fine Arts Commons or the first floor of the Campus Center.

All performances are free. For ticket reservations, call 651-696-6359.