This classic story is set in Paris in the 1669 where Tartuffe, a con man, has convinced Orgon, the master of the house, that he will purify his family's lifestyle and save their souls. His wife, Elmire, his son Damis, and daughter Mariane, see through the ruse, but it takes them all to challenge Orgon to accept the truth. Follow the twists and turns in a play that was at one time banned in France because of Molière's desire to address hypocrisy in the upper classes.

Director Harry Waters Jr., who created the role of “Belize” in the first production of Angels in America and portrayed the character of “Marvin Berry” in Back to the Future (1985), has worked as an actor in New York City on and off Broadway for many years and has acted in and directed numerous productions around the country. Locally he has appeared at the Guthrie Theater, Penumbra Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Ten Thousand Things Theater and Pangea World Theater. Currently, he is in collaboration with writer/activist Jewelle Gomez and her play in two acts, Waiting for Giovanni, which takes place in the mind of the author James Baldwin. At Macalester, Waters teaches acting, directing, and script development, and has directed productions of Runaways, Proof, Angels in America Part I: Millennium Approaches and The Colored Museum.


Fall 2009
by Moliere
transl. Richard Wilbur
directed by Harry Waters Jr.
designed by Dan Keyser