Visiting Assistant Professor, Russian Studies
Focuses on 20th-century Russian culture, queer theory, disability and affect studies.

Neill Hall 207
Telephone: 651-696-6556

Anastasia Kayiatos, assistant professor, joins Macalester from UC Berkeley by way of a postdoc at the University of Southern California. She looks forward to infusing her Russian Studies courses with some unusual disciplinary suspects, like queer theory and disability studies. This fall she is teaching Minding the Body (with Joan Ostrove) and The Cold War Gets Hot. Next semester she is excited to debut an elective course in Critical Theory on the cross-cultural making of modern bad taste.  

Education: B.A. in Russian Literature, Reed College (2002); Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures with a Designated Emphasis on Women, Gender and Sexuality, University of California, Berkeley (2012).

Areas of Interest: Her primary field of study is twentieth-century Russia, with an emphasis on artistic and political (counter) cultures after Stalin. Her intersectional research and teaching interests concern gender, sexuality, and the body in Russia from the nineteenth century to the very hairy Putinist present. She has a fully developed second field in transnational queer and feminist theory, and specializations in Deaf and disability studies and affect studies.

Publications: Prof. Kayiatos has published selections from her interdisciplinary dissertation on silence, alterity and the politics of voice in post-Stalin Russia in Women’s Studies Quarterly and Theatre Survey (in English), The Journal of Social Policy Studies (in Russian), and Astrolabio (in Spanish). The new Lambda Nordica special issue on sexualities in transition contains her essay, “Shock and Alla: Capitalist Cures for Socialist Perversities at the End of the Twentieth Century.”

Current Projects: As she toils away for a while on a book manuscript about silent performances of sexual difference in the Soviet Union--tentatively titled Suggestive Gestures: Toward a Queer Socialist Aesthetic--Prof. Kayiatos derives more incremental pleasures from short-term projects, including a collaborative article on the queer viral politics of Pussy Riot; a queer/crip/performance studies piece on the specificity of late-Soviet “play”; and a volume of conference proceedings from Worlds of Wonder: The Queerness of Childhood, with Professor Anna Fishzon.  

Personal: When not drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading, writing or grading student work, Anastasia can be found walking or bicycling around town (say hello!), sifting through dusty stuff at thrift stores and garage sales, and buying more records...against her better interests as a lifestyle apartment renter.