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Hello. I’m Frederick Green and I teach Chinese language and literature in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. The subject of this microlecture is dictionaries. I love dictionaries! You should love them too because dictionaries help you write well. Writing well is all about choosing the right words and knowing the right words. It’s easy! When you read or hear a word you don’t know, look it up. Keep a notepad at all times, and review the words you learned. You think you know English well enough? You think you know the difference between imply and infer, aggravate and irritate? You know what epistemology from morality means? Well, look it up! I have dictionaries for all occasions. Small ones, big ones, very big ones! The one I use most often is free and online and you can find it at dictionary.com. There you can also find a great thesaurus, a dictionary that will give you synonyms for all the words you ever might want to use. Dictionaries: use them and write well.