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Hello. My name is Vittorio Addona and I am a Statistician in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. The subject of this microlecture is drafts. No not the ones you’d find at the Groveland Tap, the writing kinds. Taking the time to write a thoughtful first draft is an important step towards producing an excellent paper. The beauty of the first draft is that you don’t need to get bogged down in details. Those will get filled in. Don’t have the perfect wording for a sentence? No problem. You’ll rework it. Not sure exactly which papers to site? You can figure that out during the second pass. Just get your thoughts down. Organize them. Move things around. Formulate an argument. Writing a first draft should allow you to get to the end of your paper more quickly than you otherwise would. I know, I know, the paper is due tomorrow, its almost midnight, and you haven’t started working on it and you’ve written plenty of good papers that way. But were they really that good? Start early and write a draft. I did for this microlecture. Good luck, and write well.