Marketplace uStore is a secure avenue to accept on-line credit card payments for events, items and general payments.  Customers will be able to easily navigate to your uStore. Ustore is organized using the familiar shopping cart format with customized products and descriptions. Another great feature is Marketplace uStore is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant! Navigate to the bottom of this page to request a uStore.

What a uStore Looks Like:

How a uStore Works:

The Process of Setting up a uStore:


What you will need before filling out the Marketplace uStore Request Form:

  (See Below for explanation)


  • What is a FOAPAL?
    • A series of numbers used to identify where a financial transaction belongs.
    • Click here for more information on FOAPALs
  • How do I get a FOAPAL if one doesn’t already exist?

What Area Your Items Fall Under

  • There are three areas within Marketplace that your item can fall under;  Event,  Physical Item,  or General Payment (see description below). You will need to decide which area best fits your item. It is possible to  have items under different areas in one store (e.g. an invoice you want to collect on and a t-shirt).  This is fine as long as you know where each item(s) fits.

The three areas your item can fall under:

  • Event – Are you selling tickets or taking registrations?  E.g. basketball game, conference, swimming classes
  • Physical Item – Are you selling items such as t-shirts, finals baskets, school supplies etc.?
  • General Payment – Are you collecting deposits, invoice payments, something that does not have a set cost?

Information About Your New uStore

  • One will need to know specific information about their store such as name of the store, main contact’s information, item information etc. Thinking through the process of your online store before filling out the Marketplace uStore Request Form will be very helpful.

Estimated Minimum Sales

  • In order to request a uStore you need an estimated sales of at least 10 items that equal a total of $500 or more. Examples of situations that would and would not work:
    • Yes- 30 Blue Macalester Sweatshirts at $25 = $750 in sales
    • No- 5 tickets to Canada at $250= $1250


  • uStore allows you to choose images to go with your store’s items.
  • Choose your images from your own personal pictures or our online Macalester Image gallery.
  • After you fill out the uStore Request Form, email your image selections to Verify the image you would like with each item. (e.g. [name of Image] with [item name])

Read Responsibilities and Guidelines Document

What have you Decided?

Click here to fill out the Marketplace uStore Request form now! If you would like to see a live form, before filling it out, click HERE.


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